How to Clean Your Tongue

The main problem with tooth decay is the buildup of bacteria producing acids that erode the enamel which can expose dentin (tooth root) leading to cavities and even tooth loss. Most of us are familiar with how to clean your teeth by brushing, flossing, using a mouth washing rinse, etc. but how do you go about cleaning your tongue?

Since the tongue is a place where most oral bacterial acids like to reside, ignoring this area of your oral routine can lead to bad breath and having a bad taste in your mouth, affecting your taste buds and leaving a fuzzy coating on your tongue.

Perhaps the easiest way to clean your tongue is by using the tool already at hand, your toothbrush. Brushing from back (where most of the bacteria resides) to the front is the best approach.

Some people have found that a tongue scraper, with its rubbery nibs helps even more, and then there are those that use a metal spoon, turned upside down and moistened, works just as well. Especially since these tools don’t seem to set off the gag reflex like a toothbrush can, because of the angle.

Whatever tool you use, be sure to rinse it well with water after use, and even disinfecting with an antibacterial mouth wash can’t hurt.

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