Relax During Your 2016 Dental Visits With Sedation Dentistry

Ring in your 2016 New Year’s resolutions with the gift of good oral health! At Smiles Dental we want to help you feel safe and anxiety-free during our dental procedures. We are happy to offer conscious sedation so you can relax while we take good care of your smile.

We use sedative medication which slows down the central nervous system. This allows you to be aware of your surroundings but less responsive to anxiety-causing noises like dental drills. You will also feel a diminished sense of pain. Sedatives help you feel calm and relaxed but still remain awake. This allows us to perform our work more efficiently because you are aware, feeling good and able to answer questions during the procedure.

Benzodiazepine sedatives are not addictive and have very little side effects. To ensure that the sedative we administer is safe, we will take a history, asking questions about your overall health and other medications you may currently be taking. We monitor you during the procedure, and once the treatment is finished we make sure the ride you brought with you takes you home.

Besides feeling deeply relaxed, you may notice time shifting, as if the hours of the procedure passed quickly, and you won’t remember much of the procedure. If you receive an analgesic it will feel like there was not much pain or discomfort.

–Light Sedation: light sedation allows you to feel relaxed while awake and able to respond to our questions or directions. Our office uses nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for this so there is no recovery time and very minimal (if any) side effects.

–Moderate Sedation: during moderate sedation you are conscious but you will remember little from the procedure afterward. You will still be able to communicate with us but you may feel groggy and slur your words. If you fall asleep, we can easily wake you up. Because you will feel sleepy you may take a bit to awaken and will need a ride home.  IV Sedation is moderate sedation which is administered intravenously. Not only is the effect quicker but we are also able to adjust the medication levels during the procedure.

–Deep Sedation: deep sedation can make you semi-conscious or unconscious. You will be unaware until the drug wears off (or is reversed), and your recovery (awakening) takes longer than moderate sedation. Make sure to bring a companion to drive you home and stay with you until you are fully awake and up and about.

If you have dental anxiety but want better oral health in the years to come, we have a sedation method designed to help you make that possible. Please call our office today at 360.335.3998 and let us answer your questions and get you on track for your best oral health yet!