At Smiles Dental, we understand that many people struggle with dental anxiety. Whether you simply feel a few butterflies in your stomach or you experience paralyzing fear, we are certain to have the solution you need so you can comfortably receive the high-quality dental care you deserve. Dr. Wilkinson, Dr. Mistry, and Dr. Jardine, along with the rest of our team, are committed to helping you feel relaxed and calm during your visit to our office.

We are pleased to offer our Signature Anxiety-Free Services to help you with any anxiety and to provide you with a more positive dental experience. In addition, bedside manner and technology have dramatically improved in recent years, replacing noisy tools with quiet technology that can help you feel more at ease.

Here are a few ways our team can provide you with anxiety-free dentistry in Camas, Washington:

  • We Love Questions – Good communication is essential. We welcome you to ask any questions you may have, and we will also ask you questions to make certain that we provide you with the personalized care you need. When you are honest and open with your concerns, we can help you overcome most anxieties.
  • iPods, Pillows, & Blankets – If the sounds of a dental office cause anxiety, a simple iPod and noise-cancelling headphones can do wonders to improve your comfort. We also provide warm blankets and pillows to help you relax.
    Take a Look – If seeing what is going on would help you feel more comfortable, feel free to ask for a mirror.
  • Tell, Show, & Do – Our dentists and team use a technique that involves first telling you what we are going to do, showing you how we are going to do it, and then doing it. This can help you feel more comfortable with the entire process. We will also check in with you during your treatment to see if you need a break and to make sure you are comfortable.
  • Sedation Dentistry – We offer a number of sedation options at Smiles Dental to help you feel more relaxed and calm during your treatment. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, we may prescribe oral medication, inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide), IV sedation, or topical medications.

To learn more about how we can provide you with an enjoyable, stress-free dental experience at our office, we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to caring for you!